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p.mapper MS4W untuk Sumbar Riau Sumut

Sila download dari github p.mapper untuk Provinsi Sumatera Utara, Sumatera Barat, dan Riau, langsung dari Github. Buat mahasiswa saya, gunakan source-code ini untuk tugas kelompok Anda.


Golden Software Surfer Blank File from SHP

Golden Software Surfer is a commercial software to create contour map, 3d [like] surface map, calculate length, area and volume of your spatial-aware data. Surfer is good and fast enough to calculate grid from your spatial data. If you have surveyed some dip and tip of particular area and then you want to know predicted contour-map area around those surveyed-points, kriging with Surfer is your answer. You can achieve same result with SAGA raster creation tool, but this open-source software is somehow hard to learn. If you want to know more about Surfer, please have a visit on their website.

Sometime, you may had been assigned to create a blanked grid, a grid which area outside specified SHP area is “blank”-ed, removed from the map. See the following illustration.2017-11-06_00-59-18.jpg


I’ve made a tutorial in Ms PowerPoint and put it on SlideShare


DotMapper R+Leaflet


Anda punya data dalam point? Terbiasa dengan R? Sila download dan pelajari kode DotMapper di GitHub, lihat videonya di YouTube, atau download papernya

Smith, Catherine M., and Andrew C. Hayward. “DotMapper: An Open Source Tool for Creating Interactive Disease Point Maps.” BMC Infectious Diseases; London 16 (2016): n/a. doi:



Artikel dapat diunduh full text dari PNRI.


SemiAutomaticOS – Oracle VM VirtualBox

For the rest of you who willing to try SCP plugin in QGIS without installing QGIS in your PC, you may use VirtualBox’ed (virtualized) debian which includes QGIS+SCP

2 Semi-Automatic OS spectral signatures.jpg

As with other VirtualBox-ed OS, you may need to install VirtualBox Guest Addition CD. I’ve found that you have to install make and linux-header first before successfully installing it.


Use apt-get install or synaptic, the GUI version of apt. Unthick / uncheck CD in synaptic repository list, since you has no access to.




su to switch to root

Username and password are user

install with ./

reboot your debian (guest, not host)