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GIS For Biologists: Tip #6 – How To Transform A Data Layer Into A Different Projection/Coordinate System

GIS In Ecology

Most of the common problems that people encounter when using GIS for biological purposes are caused by one, or more, data layers not being in the same projection/coordinate system (also known as the coordinate reference system of CRS, depending on the GIS software that you are using) as either the GIS project itself, or other data layers in the GIS project. This means that once you have set your projection/coordinate system for your GIS project (see video tip #4) and added data layers to your GIS project (see video tip #5), you may need to transform one or more of them into a different projection/coordinate system, and more specifically into the same projection/coordinate system as your GIS project, before you can do anything with it.

Transforming a data layer from projection/coordinate system to another is easy to do, and can done in a similar way in most GIS software…

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