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Hi everyone,

This is my Geographic Information Systems (GIS) map.  Enjoy.

If you have trouble viewing, download a PDF version by clicking here


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Routing in polygon layers? Yes we can!

semoga cepat menular di kota-kota Indonesia …

Free and Open Source GIS Ramblings

A few weeks ago, the city of Vienna released a great dataset: the so-called “Flächen-Mehrzweckkarte” (FMZK) is a polygon vector layer with an amazing level of detail which contains roads, buildings, sidewalk, parking lots and much more detail:

preview of the Flächen-Mehrzweckkarte preview of the Flächen-Mehrzweckkarte

Now, of course we can use this dataset to create gorgeous maps but wouldn’t it be great to use it for analysis? One thing that has been bugging me for a while is routing for pedestrians and how it’s still pretty bad in many situations. For example, if I’d be looking for a route from the northern to the southern side of the square in the previous screenshot, the suggestions would look something like this:

Pedestrian routing in Google Maps Pedestrian routing in Google Maps

… Great! Google wants me to walk around it …

Pedestrian routing on Pedestrian routing on

… Openstreetmap too – but on the other side 😛

Wouldn’t it be nice…

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GIS For Biologists: Tip #5 – Adding An Existing Data Layer To A GIS Project

add vector layer on your QGIS …
nice video tutorial from Dr. Colin D MacLeod

GIS In Ecology

Once you have set the projection/coordinate system of your GIS project, you can think about adding data layers to it. Almost all GIS software packages allow you to add data layers in a similar way, but for this video, QGIS is used to show how to add an existing data layer to your GIS project. As part of this video, you will learn not just how to load the data layer into your GIS project, but how to check what projection/coordinate system it is based on, and how to change the way that it is displayed. These are the standard procedures which you should follow whenever you add an existing data layer to a GIS project, regardless of the GIS software which you are using.

If you have any questions or queries about this video, feel free to comment on this post and I’ll do my best to answer…

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Landsat 8 – live

buat yang hobi download gambar dari Landsat (EarthExplorer USGS), sekarang MapBox punya Landsat Live !!! cool ..

Behind the Map

The release of Landsat 8 has provided a great source of free medium-resolution multi-spectral imagery that is collected multiple times per year. To access the imagery, I would download the large files from an application such as USGS’s Earth Explorer. Now Mapbox has released landsat live, a website that provides the latest landsat imagery that is typically about 2 weeks old. While the resolution isn’t great, it is does give a more up-to-date view than what is provided by Google, Yahoo, Bing or other online maps satelite imagery. NOTE: an improvement could be made to the landsat live resolution by overlaying the 30 m imagery (bands 4,3 and 2, made slightly transparent) over the 15 m resolution panchromatic band #8.

Below are some pictures from landsat live that show what a hard winter we’ve had in New Brunswick. In Fredericton you can barely see any of the roads or…

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belum sempat mencoba, tapi sepertinya bagus…

MapCode (katanya) dapat menyingkat alamat di bumi ini, selama kita tahu latitude dan longitude nya …

barangkali bisa menjadi solusi untuk beberapa daerah yang belum memiliki alamat pasti …


for all my students in Politeknik Kampar

I know you hate Print Composer in QGIS, … me too …
It’s really easy to make a professional style printable or PDF maps from ArcGIS (ArcView) or MapInfo …

but …

Aviation, GIS and other Stuff

Usually most people during and after University/College in different parts of the world will start to look for ARCGIS DESKTOP FULL DOWNLOAD in Google to get an illegal pirate copy of it to continue doing what they have learned. Unfortunately most education programs teach people to push buttons with a specific tool instead of solving real life issues with a wide diversity of tools. I mean you can still teach a heavy ARCGIS oriented class but you can also introduce your students to other software out there, be it proprietary or open source.

Amongst the open source software I would highly recommend QGIS, why? Well it’s an impressive GIS software that has many outstanding capabilities and it also has a very active community of developers.


Download QGIS and start working with it and you will see immediately that it has a lot of the most common functions and even…

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GIS Lecturer, in Bahasa (Indonesian)