NASA Black Marble as addition layer of Blue Marble with QGIS3


QGIS 3 is The World best cartography software IMHO, AFAIK, and one of the most amazing features in QGIS 3 is layer blending of XYZ tiles whose we’ve been grab from Internet (for free).

If you have QGIS 3 and willing to spare your time about 5 minutes, you may follow this guide.

Add 2 XYZ layer on your QGIS 3, as seen from following pics:

2018-06-05_23-29-59 QGIS3 XYZ add new layer

2018-06-05_23-31-42 Blue Marble Amazon.jpg

2018-06-05_23-32-59 Cesium Blackmarble.jpg

I think max zoom level for both of connections are 8.

If you can’t see clearly through those pics, see my gist … Copy-Paste it…

After adding those connections, simply add both of them into QGIS by double-click them respectively. Arrange layer into similar to this-following-pic: 2018-06-05_23-38-01 daftar layer.jpg

which is: Black Marble on top of Blue Marble.

Double-click Black Marble, change its layer style … it’s gaya in Bahasa. If you LOCALES is not in Bahasa, please adjust or see something similar to this pic:

2018-06-05_23-42-47 gaya.jpg

Change layer blending mode into Addition. This is the key action here. Voila … your Black Marble now glowing on top of blue marble like my own map …

If you want to download my full screen map, follow this link. Thank you Google Apps for Education (GAFE) for unlimited quota for me… #Snowden.