Six Steps to Get a GIS Internship During Undergrad


Finding an internship in college can be very daunting and time consuming. It took me 7 months of active searching to get my GIS internship during my undergrad. Depending on your location, university, and personal network this search time could vary significantly. Below, I’ll give you clear and actionable steps that you can utilize during your search for an internship. It’s important to note that these steps build on each other. As you move on to later steps, I suggest you keep following the preceding ones as well.

1. Talk with your professor

Visit your professor during office hours and let them know you’re looking for a GIS internship. Your professor is probably the single most important person when it comes to getting a GIS internship for the following reasons:

  • They have a good grasp of your skills and abilities.
  • They are a part of a larger GIS network in…

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