montage @LIST.txt

if your list of tiles are so darn long, it will ruin your batch script if you list every single tile on console…

so, you could create a single file to list your tile_order (I name it LIST.txt) and then use montage @LIST.txt instead

(DMY=14/05/2017 | 10:22:27)
D:\GIS\Kampar\12>montage @LIST.txt -mode concatenate -tile 24 out.jpg

It’s a montage of 24×24 tiles, I’ve downloaded and then to create a single file out.jpg

the old, traditional way,  is to list all of your tiles, like this one:

montage -mode concatenate -tile 24 12-3184-2032.jpg  12-3185-2032.jpg [...the rest 24x24 tiles so darn-fckng-long] out.jpg

and … it will crash! so … DONT_DO_THIS, I’ve warned you.


It seems Microsoft can’t handle that 10446 characters of command …


ps: update:

LIST.txt is also useful when you want to check whether our download is complete or not …

FOR /F %%f IN (LIST.txt) DO IF NOT EXIST %%f ECHO %%f >> FAILED.txt

dat DOS command is to check whether all the files listed on LIST.txt is exist within current directory, and if there is something missing, it will  be appended to FAILED.txt