MapCache: The basic settings

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  • service indicates the type of service to enable or disable.

For detailed documentation, please refer to mapcache configuration file document.

Once the configuration file is ready, it is time to generate map cache. There is a simple command line tool called mapcache_seed provided along with mapcache. With MS4W installation, the mapcache_seed is located in ‘C:ms4wtoolsmapcache’. The following are some examples showing the basic usage of the tool,

  • ‘-c’: configuration file. ‘-t’: tileset in the configure file to be seeded. ‘-g’: grid to be seeded. The grid must be referenced by the tileset.
  • ‘-t’: enable multiple threads to run seeding in parallel. ‘-v’: get verbose log.
  • ‘-f’: force existing tiles to be recreated. This is helpful when the source data is updated.
  • ‘-d’: area of interest to seed. this one is similar to ‘Area of Interest’ parameter on ‘Manage Map Server Cache Tiles’ tool in ArcToolbox. The value is any…

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