GIS For Biologists: Tip #8 – How To Change How A Data Layer Is Displayed In A GIS Project

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GIS In Ecology

This video is the eighth in a series of helpful hints and handy tips for biologists who want to use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in their research. It provides a brief introduction on how to change how data layers are displayed in A GIS project using QGIS.

While it is often tempting to stay with the default display option selected by your GIS software when you add a new data layer to a GIS project, by changing the way that your data layers are displayed, you can greatly enhance both the contents of your GIS project, and any maps that you create from it. This video takes you through some of the different options which are available for displaying different types of data layers, including point data layers, polygon data layers and raster data layers. While these are demonstrated in QGIS, the same options are available in other GIS software…

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