GIS Data QA/QC with ARcGIS Data Reviewer

Steve Omondi blogging ’bout ArcGIS Data Reviewer Extension, worth reading …

gw sebenarnya pengen nyambungin RapidMiner dengan ArcGIS … tapi blon kesampaian … barangkali ada yang berminat oprek-oprek?

GIS Digest

In this week’s Into-the-ArcGIS-System Series we take a look at GIS Data Quality Assessment/ Quality Control (QA/QC) with the ArcGIS Data Reviewer Extension. This is one of the tools that GIS Data managers should befriend to help improve the quality and integrity of their data. This will go further to all the other departments that consume this data or your clients who depend on the map products of these data.

The quality and hence usefulness of GIS information products is a function of the accuracy of the data. ArcGIS Data Reviewer is an extension built to provide very robust procedures to help organizations identify and manage errors in GIS data and automate data-validation workflows. In this article we will briefly walk through what you should expect from this extension (ArcGIS Data Reviewer). This article is for the following individuals;

  • GIS professionals who edit, maintain, or perform quality assurance/quality…

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