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GIS data format specifies how geospatial data is stored in a file. The format describes the logical structure used to store geospatial data within the file. Geospatial data simply refers to spatial data that has been georeferenced. Spatial data is that contains information about position. There are two main types of GIS data formats,namely:

  • Raster Data Formats
  • Vector Data Formats

Raster data formats are generally used to store bitmapped images. It consists of rows and columns of cells or pixels with each representing a single value. Commonly used raster data formats include,Digital Elevation Model (DEM), used for recording and storing elevation data, Digital Raster Graphic (DRG), used to store digital scans of paper maps,Band Sequential (BSQ), Band Interleaved by Pixel (BIP), Band Interleaved by Line (BIL), these are used for Remote Sensing Systems.
Vector data formats tend to store only geometric primitives including points…

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