Create MapServer Tile Image for Google Map API v3

Ever since google updated their Google Map API into version 3 (probably around 2010), output generation sample code in page 463 on MapServer Documentation, Release 6.4.1 were not working anymore, and it had been frustrated me. I love that image tiling approach which will save tons of bandwidth and processing time for my MapServer.

Tonight, I manage to playing around and looking for sample code that google provided here.

If  you’re willing to put your MapServer tiled images (instead of custom divs provided in that sample), the only thing that you need to do is to change this function:

CoordMapType.prototype.getTile = function(coord, zoom, ownerDocument) {

comment or delete everything there (within that function), and change it with your own image provided by your MapServer tiled image:

var url = “http://localhost:81/cgi-bin/mapserv.exe?”;
url += “map=/ms4w/apps/belajar/kampar04/”;
url += “mode=tile&”;
url += “layers=jalan&”;
//url += “layers=layer1 layer2&”;
url += “tilemode=gmap&”;
url += “tile=” + coord.x + ” ” + coord.y + ” “+zoom;

var myMapServerTile = ownerDocument.createElement(‘img’);
myMapServerTile.src= url;
return myMapServerTile;

VOILA … it’s now fully working …

p.s: change http://localhost:81 and the rest of URL into your MapServer’s map file.

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  1. God dar* it WordPress … wordpress change my code

    CoordMapType.prototype.getTile = function(coord, zoom, ownerDocument) {
          var url = "http://localhost:81/cgi-bin/mapserv.exe?";
          url += "map=/ms4w/apps/belajar/kampar04/";
          url += "mode=tile&";
          url += "layers=jalan&";
          //url += "layers=layer1 layer2&";
          url += "tilemode=gmap&";
          url += "tile=" + coord.x + " " + coord.y + " "+zoom;
    		var myMapServerTile = ownerDocument.createElement('img');
    		myMapServerTile.src= url;
    		return myMapServerTile;


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