Landsat 8 – live

buat yang hobi download gambar dari Landsat (EarthExplorer USGS), sekarang MapBox punya Landsat Live !!! cool ..

Behind the Map

The release of Landsat 8 has provided a great source of free medium-resolution multi-spectral imagery that is collected multiple times per year. To access the imagery, I would download the large files from an application such as USGS’s Earth Explorer. Now Mapbox has released landsat live, a website that provides the latest landsat imagery that is typically about 2 weeks old. While the resolution isn’t great, it is does give a more up-to-date view than what is provided by Google, Yahoo, Bing or other online maps satelite imagery. NOTE: an improvement could be made to the landsat live resolution by overlaying the 30 m imagery (bands 4,3 and 2, made slightly transparent) over the 15 m resolution panchromatic band #8.

Below are some pictures from landsat live that show what a hard winter we’ve had in New Brunswick. In Fredericton you can barely see any of the roads or…

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