SpatialJoin v1.0

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sj-01The “spatial join” is an operation that allow to combine the attributes of two geometric layers when  they meet a given topological condition (for example when the feature of one in contained by a feature of the other).
This is a basic function of many GIS systems. In QGIS there is a command in processing toolbox or in vector menu called “Join by location” that allow to create a new layer from the intersection of two existing layers.
The new plugin called “SpatialJoin” is aimed to perform spatial joins without creating a new table, using the full set of available tolological condition. This is done exploiting the new expression fields feature, available from release 2.6.
The plugin, using the “refFunction” expressions extension, needed as dependency, creates a expression spatial key field (“spjoin_rif”) based on reference functions and joins the desidered fields with a value by id function in expression fields…

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