Toronto 3d Open Data

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Owen Powell


The City of Toronto has created a fantastic 3d city model and recently released it as open data. This is probably a bit more of a simpler use of the data than they had in mind, but you could do a lot, especially when combining it with some of their other datasets. Ideas, anyone?

I used FME to process the GIS data and Blender to render it. This render consists of a mix of detailed ESRI multipatch features and low-poly extruded building footprints to keep the file sizes down. In FME I filtered the multipatch models on height (taken from the BoundsExtractor) to extract features more than 200m. I then filtered the shapefile building footprints to find all less than 200m, and extruded them (from an attribute in the data) and wrote out to an OBJ file.

Contains information licensed under the Open Government Licence – Toronto.

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