Making Maps of the World Using GIS Resources

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Decision-Making Information Resources & Solutions

Visualize world geographic-demographic-economic characteristics using tools resources described in this section. Zoom-in to any region of the world and examine political/statistical geography. This section provides illustrative views of the world by country, and drill-down geography, developed using the World GIS project. Install the World GIS project on your computer using the steps described here. Create alternative thematic pattern views, label and view selected geography to meet your needs, add your own data …

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) resources enable you to examine how countries, their states/provinces and lower level geography relate to one another. By integrating subject matter data, such as demographics, thematic maps can be developed that provide insights into patterns.

North America by State/Province
The World GIS project integrates multi-sourced geographic data. The following view shows portions of North America by integrating Census Bureau sourced TIGER/Line shapefiles, Canada and Mexico by state/province shapefiles and OpenStreetMaps

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      I’m glad that you’ve been here (in my post I mean). I’m a lecturer here in Politeknik Kampar, Indonesia, teaching GIS. In my humble opinion, third world countries (developing countries) like Indonesia is far far away from GIS based policy / decision making …

      but, let us see and hope it will be adapted in near future …


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